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Amerikelebi iyeneben am aplikacias, rodesac gadaadgildebian transportit

nstantly compare your travel options in real-time across all transport modes!

amerikelebi iyeneben am aplikacias, rodesac gadaadgilebian.

tu ar ici magalitad rogor mixvide A punqtidan B punqtamde (metroti, avtobusiT tu tasit), es aplikacia gexmareba naxo romeli gza iqneba yvelaze swrafi da iafi.
romeli avtobusi unda aiyvano, romeli metros xazi da ash.

Chven davtestet aplikacia, aris ufaso da mushaobs fantastiurad.

tu gaqvt androidi gadmoweret aqedan, tu gaqvt iphone gadmoweret aqedan.

Instantly compare your travel options in real-time across all transport modes globally!

Easily navigate your city with turn-by-turn directions for all your public transportation, walking, cycling and scooter trips.


* “This is my favorite transit app. Full-featured and a breeze to use. I really appreciate the Uber integration.”

* “Only way to get around NYC and Chicago. Easy and accurate. Download this one NOW”

* “I love it. It’s the best thing since zippers, peanut and jelly and 1 TB thumb drives”

* “Support for the SF Bay Area is particularly impressive because it aggregates all transit systems imaginable (BART, Caltrain, MUNI, VTA, etc.) into one seamless app”

FIND THE BEST ROUTE ► Simple trip planning combining all transport modes: bus, subway, train, ferry, cabs, ride share, car share, bike share, e-scooters and walking. Discover routes you never knew existed

HIT THE GO BUTTON FOR STEP-BY-STEP DIRECTIONS ► Turn-by-turn navigation for all your transit, walking, personal cycling, bike shares and scooter trips. Choose between 3 different map views, see the charge levels of e-scooters and e-bikes around you, we even help you avoid no-parking zones. We take care of the logistical thinking so you are free to enjoy the ride

EXPERIENCE ONE-STOP-SHOP MOBILITY ► Compare cab fares, hail a ride, hop on a shared bike or find the nearest e-scooter all from within the app. Our partners include: Uber, Lyft, JUMP, Lime, Bird, Spin, Skip, Scoot, Citi Bike, JerseryBike, Bluebikes, Indego, CaBi, Divvy, Metro Bike, Breeze, Bay Wheels, Healthy Ride, Relay, BCycle, SA Bike Share, GREENbike, Grid, RTC Bike, BIKETOWN, Biki

BEAT THE RUSH HOUR CROWD ► Live wait times and ETA so you’ll never miss a bus, train or ferry again. Follow your bus / train as it’s approaching on a real-time map, see the best train car to board, get alerted when it’s time to get off, and get in and out from the best exit at any subway / train station

PERSONALIZE YOUR CITY ► Save Home, Work and your go-to stops or stations for lightning fast trip planning. Subscribe to your favorite subway, train, bus or ferry line for automatic disruption, delay, and status alerts

GET SOCIAL ► Share your live trip: let friends follow your live trip to know when you’ll arrive. Share any location or address: one tap for others to get directions

TRAVEL OFFLINE ► Access offline the official NYC subway map, Manhattan bus map, Brooklyn bus map, Queens bus map, DC metro map, Muni Metro map, and more

CITY COVERAGE ► New York City | Chicago | Los Angeles | San Francisco | Washington DC | Boston | Philadelphia | Seattle | Miami | Atlanta | Portland | Denver | Baltimore | San Diego | Minneapolis | Houston | Phoenix | Dallas | Las Vegas | Pittsburgh | Honolulu | Salt Lake City | San Antonio | St. Louis | Cleveland | Austin

+ Many more worldwide! See the full list and vote for the next one in the app or at

TRANSIT AGENCIES ► We use open data from transit agencies in the cities we cover, including: MTA | CTA | LA Metro | MBTA | WMATA | SEPTA | NJ Transit | Muni | BART | King Bus | MARTA | LIRR | RTD | TriMet | Metro-North Railroad | PATH | Houston METRO | San Diego MTS | Miami-Dade Transit | Metro Transit | METRA | RTC Bus | TheBus | Port Authority | DART | AC Transit | Sound Transit | UTA | OCTA | VIA | PTD | Metro Transit | RTA | Capital Metro | Broward County Transit Division | NY Waterway Ferries | Washington State Ferries | LBT | Nassau Inter County Express (NICE)| Valley Metro | Metrolink | Santa Monica Big Blue Bus (BBB)

GAXDI amerikis moqalaqe, naxe ra aris sachiro

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Tu magalitad saberdznetsh ginda rom jer legalurad icxovro 10 weli da shemdeg daiwyo procedurebi saberdznetis moqalaqeobaze, aq, amerikashi situacia ufro martivia.

Pirveli rac unda qnat aris is rom ipovot sandı advokati romelic ar mogatyuebt da winaswar mtlian tanxas ar gadagaxdevinebt.

Am linkze romelic tqventvis vipovet, weria tu rogor shegidzliat moipovot moqalaqeoba n a t u r a l i z a c i i s gzit.

Weria motxovebi, procesi, da rogor sheudzlia adamians rom mwvane baratidan magalitad gadavides amerikis pasportze.

Aplikatsiis gadmosaterad miachire qvemot motsemul links

GAXDI amerikis moqalaqe, naxe ra aris sachiro

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