DEDAENA qartveli bavshvebistvis mobiluri aplikaciis saxit

Dedaena Worldwide – Part 1 App Description

Digitization of Iakob Gogebashvili’s mother tongue changes the attitude of a parent towards his son’s attitude towards the computer. Creating and studying a book changes attitudes in terms of education and not just fun.
We have the opportunity to make any education from the virtual space fun and exciting.
Promoting a free project in the cultural sector is considered, in the form of a certified guide to the protection of cultural heritage,
Which will be provided free of charge to all public and private schools throughout Georgia, as well as embassies for children born in emigration. An interactive book app will be available for eligible citizens of the rest of the country, the proceeds of which will be spent on setting up libraries in schools in the highland region and enriching them with books.
The book will have 4 functions: 1. Sound 2. Drawings 3. Function of the notebook with subscription 4. Teacher.

Es aplikacia im patata qartveli bavshvebistvis sheiqmna, romlebic emigraciashia.

Coven vicit rom isini sul tabletshi da telefonebshi iyurebian, amitomac vfiqrobt rom es Martini sashualebaa rom sheiswavlon dedaena da qartuli damwerloba.

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Aplikacia ufasoa, hqvia dedaena da shegidzliat gadmowerot aqedan tu tqveni telefoni androidia, xolo tu phobia aqedan.

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Top sami itabliuri banki, romelic 1%-s itxovs ipothekistvis

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