Ganakhlebuli testi amerikashi moqalaqeobistvis: yvela kitxva da pasuxi qartul enaze

Updated test for US citizenship: all questions and answers in Georgian

2020 wills shemdeg vinc apirebt sheitanot moqalaqeobaze gancxadeba amerikashi, rata moipovot amerikis pasporti da ID, Gacnobebt rom arsebobs saiti / aplikacia, romelzec shegidzliat gadaxvidet da naxot is kitxva pasuxebi, rac am gamocdebze shexvdebat.

Saubaria amerikis istoriaze, mtavrobisa da samoqalaqo girebulebebis shesaxeb.

Dzvel testshi shedioda 10 kitxva, axalshi ki 20 matgania. Aqedan swords unda upasuxot 12-s.

Rata naxot es kitxvebi da pasuxebi, daachiret aq

GAXDI amerikis moqalaqe, naxe ra aris sachiro

Amerikis moqalaqeobis ageba europis qveynebtan shedarebit martivia da strafe.

Tu magalitad saberdznetsh ginda rom jer legalurad icxovro 10 weli da shemdeg daiwyo procedurebi saberdznetis moqalaqeobaze, aq, amerikashi situacia ufro martivia.

Pirveli rac unda qnat aris is rom ipovot sandı advokati romelic ar mogatyuebt da winaswar mtlian tanxas ar gadagaxdevinebt.

Am linkze romelic tqventvis vipovet, weria tu rogor shegidzliat moipovot moqalaqeoba n a t u r a l i z a c i i s gzit.

Weria motxovebi, procesi, da rogor sheudzlia adamians rom mwvane baratidan magalitad gadavides amerikis pasportze.

mokled, daachiret linkze romelic gipovet da gaecanit siaxleebs qartulad.

How to get US citizenship without speaking English

To obtain US citizenship, one of the requirements is to speak English. However, there are alternatives to achieve this status without satisfying the basic knowledge of the native language.As explained in a note on the website of the Lopez Immigration specialist firm, having the documentation of a US citizen It offers many advantages and opportunities. These include the ability to apply for a work permit, vote or obtain a driving licence.How to be a US citizenThe same note adds that to obtain this permission it is necessary:– Be born in the country, be a child or spouse of American citizens.– Request it through the process of naturalization. For which it is necessary:

– Be a permanent resident (although there are some exceptions).

– Be at least 18 years old.

– Comply with other requirements that vary according to the age, marital status and military service of each applicant.

Apply for citizenship in Spanish
The obligatory question is whether the language is really an impediment to the approval of the application. In the light of which, from the Lopez Immigration study they clarify that “There are a few reasons why an applicant may request a less rigorous English test. Or even, be exempt from taking that exam.

To do this, these criteria will be taken into account:

– Be over the age of 50 and have lived in the country for more than 20 years as a legal permanent resident. In this case, candidates are exempt from taking the exam in English, but must take it in Spanish.

– Be at least 55 years of age at the time of applying for citizenship and have lived as a permanent resident of the country for at least 15 years.

– Be over the age of 65 and have had permanent residence for at least 20 years. Given this situation, in addition to the exemption from the English exam, you receive a special consideration that also applies to the civic exam. Fewer questions will be asked and the applicant will be able to answer in their own language.

What other reasons are there to be exempt from taking the exam in English?

– Have a physical disability or a diagnosis of mental illness, which prevents memorizing and studying what is required in the citizenship exam.

In these cases, the person can request the exception, along with a doctor’s approval.

Another case is when it comes to orders for political or humanitarian asylum. Prior to which knowledge of English will not be required.

Aplikatsiis gadmosaterad miachire qvemot motsemul links

GAXDI amerikis moqalaqe, naxe ra aris sachiro

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