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Quiz Patente is a completely FREE app essential for the achievement of A and B driving licence in ITALY

Recommended by the BEST driving italian schools.

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Rata chamowerot aplikacja, daachiret AQ tu gaqvt android telefonu, an AQ tu gafqvt iPhone telefoni


Easy Patente – Quiz Patente B is the app designed to carry out all ministerial quizzes with the easiest and fastest method for:
– A1 license (125)
– A2 license
– A license
– B1 license
– B license
– B license cod 96
– BE license
that could come out on examination.

Take advantage of the app’s artificial intelligence too, drastically reduce the time needed to complete all quizzes!

Many students who have already used this app managed to complete all the quizzes in less than a week, some of them managed in 48 hours.


• METHOD 0 ERRORS, innovative system that will help you pass the exam quickly and with minimal effort

• Tricks to Facilitate the identification of the correct answer

• Ministerial quiz updated to the latest regulations for A-B licenses

• Quiz organized into topics with detailed EXPLANATION to your mistakes.

• Illustrated theory Manual

• PERSONAL COACH; a nice assistant who follows you interactively during the course of study, speeding up and improving your preparation


•real Exam Simulations, with the same logic of the Official Test

• You can SEND worksheets done to your school for faster preparation

DOWNLOAD now the most modern and innovative Driving Licence Quiz app


1300 euroze meti xelfasebi italiashi 24 saatian samsaxurebshi

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